Fun, Green Energy and maximum speed!!
Are you looking for an incredible fastest driving experience? be prepared for Kart1, the newest indoor go-karting attraction taking over Varese-Northern Milan area! You can drive in a state of the art italian style circuit!
You'll appreciate the technical track and the incredible themed track racing style with prints, lights and three-dimensional backgrounds!
The track and the rooms are air conditioned and created with attention to detail: from the large windows located in upper level in bar area, guests can follow all the stages of the races in full relaxation and comfort, infact, all karts are electrical, so there are no smoke or loud noise!
Designed with the best technology, the electric karts are robust, reliable and safe.
Kart1 provides to all its pilots, an approved full-face helmet and a single use hygienic cap.
Our track is available for kids and adults alike, but kids should be tall at least 125 cm to drive Juniors Karts, and adults should be tall at least 150 cm to drive Adults Karts
Kart1 is not just racing!
Inside you'll find: a restaurant-bar, a media meeting room for corporate events, a kids party room and an amusement playroom with mini-bowling, mini-basketball, racing video games and air hockey!
Price List
KART1 CARD: 3,00 € - Valid for 1 Year from the date of purchase. Free for pensioners and members online.
"CRONO": 19,00 € Men / 15.00 Women € - 10 min. free practice.
"SPRINT RACE": 25,00 € - from Sunday to Thursday: 5 min. qualification + 8 laps.
"MINIGP": 35,00 € - 10 min. qualification + 12 laps race.
"MINI LEGEND GP": 40,00 € - 5 min. qualification + 20 laps race.
"KART1 GP": 45,00 € - 10 min. free practice + 10 min qualification + 12 laps race.
"KART1 SPECIAL GP": 50.00 € - 10 min. qualification + 12 laps race 1 + 12 laps race 2.
"EXCLUSIVE FOR WOMEN": 10 € discount for all GP mode.
"GAME" - Interactive Driving Experience: 19,00 € Adults / Children - 9 min. game mode.
"SUPER FUNNY WHEELS" - Interactive Driving Experience: 29,00 € Adults / Children - 18 min. game mode.
"CRONO" - Only For Kids (Minimum height 125cm)
15,00 € Children - 10 min. qualification.
"JUNIOR GP" - Only For Kids (Minimum height 125cm)
25,00 € Children - 6 min. + 6 laps race.
General Race Information
All racing modes to provide up to 12 participants. It is the faculty of management to add drivers to availability. You can book the track only for you at special price, call or send us an email, we are at your service to let you know our exclusive prices!
Contacts and directions
For a map to our location, click here , zoom in and zoom out and creat your own route!!!! When you exit from highway, follow "Kartodromo Elettrico KART1".
Suggested routes to get to Kart1

From Milan:  Follow road sign of A8 Highway and enter in the A8 highway to Varese Direction, Exit at Gallarate.

From Varese:  Follow road sign of A8 Highway and enter in the A8 highway to Milan Direction, Exit at Gallarate.

From Como:  Follow road sign of A9 Highway and enter in the A9 highway to Milan Direction until you will see A8 Varese road sign, enter in A8 highway Varese direction and exit when you'll see the Gallarate Exit road sign.

Large car park available
Info and Reservations:
Phone. +39 0331209147
Cel. +39 3428048252
Contact Us: info@kart1.it
Opening Times
from Monday to Wednesday: 7pm/12pm
Thursday: 4pm/12pm
Friday: 4pm/1am
Saturday: 3pm/1am
Sunday and Holidays: 2pm/10.30pm
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